Split Brain Experiments

Split-Brain Experiments

We’ve developed a surgery for people who have grand mal seizures. We’ve found that if we cut the corpus callosum, we can dramatically reduce the intensity of these people’s seizure…but some weird shit happens.

Some patients began reporting eerie behavior. One man would grab a pair of pants with his right hand, and his left hand would smack it away. One extreme case involved a husband shaking his wife violently and the other hand coming to her defense.

These stories culminated in what have been called the ‘split-brain experiments’ that won Roger Sperry the Nobel prize and catapulted the surgeon Michael Gazzaniga to medical fame.

Without getting lost in the weeds, what they discovered is that when we cut the connective tissue between the two hemispheres, the individual begins to act as if there are two independent conscious agents inside them.

The left hemispheres (which governs the right side of the body), is the part of the brain that produces language, and the right hemisphere (which governs the left side of the body), communicates through non-verbal body language.

My hypothesis is that the left brain is the physical home of the Ego, and the right brain is the physical home of the Daemon* (what others call Intuition/etc).

*I want to be clear, this is a gross over-simplification meant to allow you to take action. It is like what a computer desktop is. It is a useful lie that allows you to take pragmatic action (because the icons on your phone are not what the phone is. They are representations that symbolize a combination of 1s and 0s which represent the movement of electricity in the motherboard) The Ego and the Daimon are icons on the desktop of your mind.

I believe the fundamental gift the therapist can give the individual is a connection to their Daemon, and that is what we are going to work towards.

To do so, I am going to share a few stories with you of people who have encountered their Daemon.

TL;DR: There are two fundamental 'entities' inside you. One we call the Ego, the other we call the Daemon.