Intro Daemon and Individuation Process

I believe each of us are born with a divine task, and it is to manifest our potential. Different cultures have used different stories to convey this idea, but my favorite version of it came from Carl Jung, and he called it the Individuation Process.

Fundamentally, the Individuation Process is the journey the individual takes into their own psyche. Inside you, in your unconscious mind, is every monster and every angel you’ve ever read in books or watched on screens. Inside you is a version of you that can save of world, and there is also a version of you in there that could bring the world to ruin.

These forces inside you have been guiding your life. You’ve been unconscious. The beginning of the individuation process is realizing you’ve been asleep.

It is the moment Neo wakes up in the pod, when Simba has realized Scar used him, when Buddha saw the dying man on the side of the road.

Each of us will have a moment where we ‘wake up,’ where we realize the life we have lived up to this moment has been unconscious, conditioned, and asleep.

This moment is the death of our first life, and the beginning of our second life. This second life is the beginning of the individuation process. In order to live a conscious life, you will have to face your unique conditioning, your unique triggers, traumas, and unconsciousness.

It is your connection to your Daemon that will guide you along your journey inward.

This workshop is designed to help you learn how to connect to your Daemon.

These next three stories are examples of people encountering their Daemon, and then I am going to ask you to write yours.

TL;DR: Your life is like a journey, and the beginning of the journey starts with you realizing you've been sleepwalking through life.